Logo & brochure design
1. Logo design:
In brand marketing social, to a company, it means the image of the company would disappear among the business wave without a VI. It sounds like a money creation machine without soul, there is no characteristic in product and service, consumers won't confide on it. From another aspect, it means the slack team and the lower activity.
A, The design tells it apart from other enterprises and shows a apparent characteristics of industry and other important aspects. It ensures the independent and irreplaceable in business activities. It makes the direction clear. It's an important part consists of invisible assets.
B, It implies the idea of management and enterprise culture. It makes the enterprise public through image visible.
C, It attracts the public and helps them to remember with its special symbol visible. It will bring a most high lever brand loyalty to the products and service of the enterprise.
D, It enhances the belongings of enterprise and improves the activity.

2. Enterprise advertisement brochure design:
Enterprise advertisement brochure is an important way to make the image public. The aim of brochure design is making users (government, industry association, media, partners and consumers) realize the brand image all-sided, clearly..

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