Our Team
We believe that high professional and experienced team members can ensure the smooth progress of our clients' projects online successfully. The following is a brief introduction of our key team members:
Beyond Tang : He started his web design & development career from year 2001. Many years web programming work experience, he had worked as web programmer in IBM, HP, Compaq company outsourcing projects. Now Beyond Tang is responsible for projects management/team management/marketing work in Shanghai PassionSource company.

Soma Liu: More than 16 years design work experience, he has served many Fortune 500 companies as web designer with professional creative graphical design. Now Soma Liu is responsible for web designs/projects management in Shanghai PassionSource company.

Ziyei Deng: In year 2006 she entered web design industry, before that she worked in an advertisement design company. She is good at creative web design, hand-drawing design and flash animation design. Now Ziyei Deng is responsible for web designs in Shanghai PassionSource company.

Bob Chen: Many years web design experiences, he has good skills in responsive web design/HTML5,HTML4/Wechat website design. Now Bob Chen is responsible for mobile web design and HTML design in Shanghai PassionSource company.

Evila Liu: From year 2001 he started his web programmer career, using PHP language to develop custom CMS functions for website clients. Also he can supply Web APP development service to our clients. Long time ago he joined promotion marketing work for ColdFusion develop language of Macromedia company. Now Evila Liu is responsible for PHP projects and Web APP projects in Shanghai PassionSource.

Marlon Xie: 15 years ago he was a teacher in one IT tranining school, 8 years later he became a web programmer in IT company. His main develop language is PHP. Now Marlon Xie is responsible for PHP projects in Shanghai PassionSource compamy.

John Zhu: He has started to supply Asp.net website develop service from year 2005, after that he also started to supply PHP website develop service. Now John Zhu is responsible for Asp.net projects and PHP projects in Shanghai PassionSource company.
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