Custom Web Design

1. Custom Web Design

Our view in website design: Website design is of polytechnic work in project management field. It consists of proposal with analysis, graphic design, program and data base development, user testing and internet marketing, etc.. It’s very easy to finish a simple, rough website. But it’s difficult to well build and operate a website, which requires the abilities based on following professional knowledge and technique.

Thoroughly detailed analysis of projects + Professional graphic skill + Professional programming skill + Good client services

The most important facet of the website is meeting the aesthetics, friendly use and quickly gets the information, not only meet the demand from the website administrator (our client). So we need to think about the potential questions from the website user side from the beginning to the end since the initial contact and the project planed and operating.
Team workers of Shanghai Passionsource give clients pieces of advice or suggestions from users’ point of view, so we would refuse to accept the unreasonable demand raised by clients.

2. Successful built of a website needs to execute by professional team

A successful web project should be executed by four kinds of people consist of high-level team cooperation.

Professional graphic designer + Professional html(div,css) designer + Professional programmer + Rich experience of project coordinator

If it’s a very simple website without database support, then programmer will not take part in it.
If it’s a complicated website based on functionality development, then more programmers will take part in it.
After signing the contract with client, Shanghai Passionsource will assign different specialized team members to participate in website building according to different project demand and the complexity of the project in order to ensure the efficient executing.

3. The quote of the website will fluctuate with the difference of the project complexity and detail requirement of design.

Clients often feel it unacceptable for the price of building a website. From the low-level to high-level, the price from different companies will be sharply different. Then how shall our clients make a decision?
Let’s begin with the business variety. So far the market of web design is divided into 2 main types: one is template website, the other is customized website. The former one is a concept of software sales, of which the requirement should keep the same with other’ companies, no matter what industry the company is. The basic is the same with the company name and section name instead. The latter one is a concept of internet service and consultant. First, it should study the target users and the competitors. Then we plan a website on the needs of our clients. The interface of website, section plan, functionality proposal will be customized.
The most excellent websites are mostly from customization. Because the customized section and functionality would be better fit with the clients’ needs, reflect the brand connotation.

In the below, it shows the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 types from different aspects.

  Template website Custom design website
1.Graphic design Most of template websites have a similar design (one template would be used in more websites.) Generally only the text and pictures change. The whole design won’t be much good. The website would be rough. Design starts from the selection of pictures and text font to the whole structure, which is according to the client‘s detail needs. Exquisite graphic design, there won’t be other similar websites.
2.Program development Company who focus on template will provide many functional modules for clients to choose. But the modules can’t be changeable because they are sold as a copy. Every function will be developed according to the detailed requirements and is customized changeable.
3.Compatibility and friendly usage Most template websites use table + css to make the html pages. Many websites can’t meet the standard of W3C international and can’t be compatible with different web browsers. Since the html code of web pages are almost the same, it’s un-friendly to search engine. Shanghai passionsource uses div + css to make html pages. It meets the standard of W3C international and compatible with different web browsers. It’s helpful to be friendly to search engine and benefits the rank in search engine.
4.Time frame It takes much less time to finish the website. Although there are many templates for you to choose, the whole design and structure won’t be changed. It takes long time to finish the website. After analysis of detailed requirement, we provide home page and one sub-page design first. All the sub-pages will go ahead after home page design comfirmed. Next is the backend of the website development. Then, website online testing. Finally website is online and maintenance afterwards. The time length of development would depend on the complexity of the website. Check our website design workflow.
5.Development expense The price for a template is very low. It’s more suitable for companies who haven’t high judge criterion on the design & program and have less budget. The price of customized website is a certain high. It’s more suitable for companies who have knowledge in Interenet & e-commerce and have high criterion on design and requirement of website customization.
6.Conclusion Apparently, there are big differences in labor and time between the template and the customized. Firstly, enterprises should be clear with your own web design requirements when choosing the website design provider. Secondly, make a clear inquiry so as to avoid the gap from the sharp ratio of website investment and your expectation.
Currently the lower satisfaction for web design service indicates the fact of un-matured market in web design and different level of quality of website design companies. We would like to provide our clients good service with years of professional technique, meanwhile, we hope clients would understand the value of web design. You should set a proper criterion in terms of your own website requirements, neither focusing on the price nor requiring overfull functionality and stressing on using every latest fashion concept. You need to be good at making a wisdom choice according to your indeed needs and choose the appropriate one web design company match with your own web design requirements, If you are dedicate to working on comparing the price, you will finally lower your satisfaction and even need to pay double for website redesign / redevelopment.

Since our limited resources and energy, so far we only focus on customized website design. If you finally choose website customization, please check the price range of different custom web design solutions.

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