Company Introduction website
1. About 10-20 HTML pages (Homepage, About us... etc);
2. Professional graphical design and layout design;
3. Press Release (CMS);
4. Contact form (CMS);
5. Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Title, Keywords...);
6. Meet W3C web standard, compatible with IE11 FireFox Safari Opera Chrome browsers;
7. One year free technical support by phone, email, online chat;
8. One year free small changes or updates service. (texts & photos updates)
9. We can supply all design source files to client if client need.
10. We can help to set up website visitors analytic tools (e.g. Google Analytics )
11. We can help you to apply China free website ICP licence if your website is hosted in our company's server.
12. We do not use any third party design templates or third party program source codes. We only design and develop customized website based on our client's detail requirements. (Check the differences between template website and customized website)
13. Web program development : PHP + Apache + Linux + MySql or + IIS + Windows + MsSql。

About 20000 - 50000 RMB ( $2800 - $7000 )
Above price range is only included one language website version. Project coordinators who are web design prefessionals give one to one client service. Click to download the website detail requirement document .
CMS full name in English is Content Management System. The content in front page could be managed at the website backend by administrator, operations includes modification, addition and deletion. It need database support. CMS is used in content of sections need to often updated, like: product management, news management. In order to ensure the quality of the code and the maintainance and extendibility of the program, Shanghai passionsource only use CMS developed by ourselves to develop our clients' website and won’t use the open source CMS developed by the 3rd party. But we would use the open source module or plug-in integrated in our program.
The websites we developed strictly meet with the standard of W3C web standard. Then the users who are using different browsers could get the same website appearance. We test the website compatibility not only on main browsers - IE explorer of different versions, but also on Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome in order to keep the normal visit and usage for users speaking different languages from different countries.
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