Flash design
You won閳ユ獩 feel strange for flash. We realize that flash could make an exquisite animation. There is no place we can閳ユ獩 see the flash. Do you want to deeply impress your clients with your company and products in first minute? Do you want a super attractive website on the internet to get a higher hit? Flash will give you a hand. There are some rich experience flash designers who will provide you professional flash animation design service in Shanghai Passionsource.

Flash common application includes: Company image show, Product promotion animation, Internet Advertisement Animation, Interactive demonstration in new product, e-magazine, show exterior appearance of building...etc. Professional flash multimedia combined with elements of internet animation give you fresh feel and bring you visual, lively, interesting advertisement effect. Compared with print media or other media, flash gives users more visual and modern animation. It works more efficiently to improve the company image.
Project Price Introduce Area
Short flash movie Holistic design
(Start 2000 RMB);
(300 RMB/Second).
1.shock flash movie
2.stand out company image.
Entry page of company website
( less than 10 second)
Scenario Flash Holistic design and script design
(Start 4000 RMB);
Flash Audio design
(2000 RMB);
(400 RMB/Second).
1.Design whole flash story script.
2.Design actor images.
3.Handing drawing scene.
4.Audio design.
1.Company image promotion.
2.New products launch.
3.Company history.
Interactive flash Holistic design and script design
(Start 8000 RMB);
Actionscript with database
(Start 8000 RMB);
Flash Audio design
(2000 RMB);
(400 RMB/Second).
1.Interactive presentation.
2.online flash game and vote.
3.Interactive flash with database(mysql,mssql,xml)and other program(asp,asp.net,php).
1.Online product promtion.
2.Online flash game.
3.Online CMS(content management system)
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