Web consulting
After potential clients who are interested in web design or web based software get contact with us, we’ll provide you project plan and quote based on detailed requirement free of charge.
Those are totally free of charge, including enquiry, providing solution and quotation. In order to make it more efficiently, please answer the questions in website design detail requirements document . It could help us well understand your idea so as to make a valuable proposal meeting your needs. Please send us your answers and suggestions.
And clients who contract with us will get technic support free of charge for one year.

Although the proposal and quote is free of charge, we don’t provide you free design. Because –
A, Design is turning an analysis into a creation. It’ll at least take a few days to complete. An excellent work can’t be generated in 1 or 2 days. It based on as many materials as possible clients provide.
B, Free design will occupy designer’s attention, which will lower the attention in project paid. It’s unfair to client contract with us.
C, Free design is done without signing contract, which can’t protect the commercial benefits of both sides.
D, Because the design is free of charge, some of staffs in client side won’t pay much attention to the design that make the communication rough.
Therefore, Shanghai passionsource won’t neither participate in any comparision of design without any detailed judge criterion and detailed requirement of development, nor participate in any one without budget of cost and time and the comparision of providing free design only.

Good website design detail requirements is a very important document like contract to ensure project develop successfully. For very complicated web project, please provide following three kind of documents:
  Website detailed specification document. Sample document download
  User flow chart, sample document download
  Database structure document. Sample document download.

Concerning any questions regarding website design, you could contact us through online ways like msn / skype / qq / email / Phone. Or have a face to face meeting with our marketing people.
Our work time is 8 hours x 5 days one week. Please contact us in working time. After working time you could send us email , we will contact you in 24 hours after receiving your email. Thank you.

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